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Jeremy Vander Velde
June 3, 2018 | In the Winery | Jeremy Vander Velde

Getting Ready to Ship!

Shipping wine is a complex and expensive task for any winery. Because shipping costs do not have any perceived value, statistics show that online customers expect low, or no cost, shipping when making an online purchase. I, myself, am an avid Amazon shopper and regularly look for that PRIME shipping button when selecting a product

With direct shipping being highly regulated for wineries, it has been a huge task to file in each individual state. Add in an annual fee and an excise tax for each gallon or liter shipped and you can see how shipping becomes a huge expense for the wine industry.

To reduce our costs and create savings for you, our customer, we have been working hard to source packaging and set up accounts with delivery services.

Under the 4 split collage: We are happy to have taken these steps to lower our shipping rates and create an even better value for our customers!

Setting up an operational shipping process:

We are happy to have taken steps to get our shipping rates down and create an even better value for our customers.




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