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Marty Klinzing AKA (The King of Cab)

Born and raised in Iowa, my customer service-oriented career started at age 16 while employed at a local grocery store chain whose motto was ‘A helpful smile in every aisle’. I have never forgotten those words and I still believe in them to this day…

After attending Iowa State University and majoring in Business Administration, I started a 38-year career with a major retailer. Moving my family to seven different states makes you appreciate, and learn from, the customs and diversity of those customers. During this time, I had the good fortune of meeting, and working, with Jeremy and Tatiana Vander Velde of Polynesian Girl Wines.

My love and appreciation of wine started at an early age when my dad tried to make wine in our basement. Late one night, we realized that fermentation was not quite complete. UGH, if only it hadn’t been bottled!

Over the years, I have enjoyed many different wines, but my epiphany wine was a 2001 Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet; balanced and layered from six different vineyards, yet persistent and expressive in a long and lingering finish. What a wine!

My wine education consists of taking Enology and Viticulture classes at local colleges and immersion in the vineyard and winery operations at Polynesian Girl Wines.

My beliefs in what makes exceptional wine are all evident, and in practice, at Polynesian Girl Wines.

  • Terroir- At over 2000 feet in elevation, the vines on this hilly vineyard struggle to grow, putting all their intensity into the fruit that they produce.
  • Low Yields- At less than 3 tons per acre, the vines put all their intensity and nutrients into fewer grapes.
  • Dry Farming Techniques- Water is only used to ensure that the vines survive, thus promoting deep root growth and, more importantly, small, intense berries with low water content.
  • Natural Pest and Insect Control- Organic techniques respect the land for generations and ensures no pesticides contaminate the fruit.
  • Wide Diurnal Temperatures- Warm, sunny days allow for complete ripening while cool nights allow the vines to recover.
  • Best Fruit- Hand-selecting and sorting at harvest ensures only the best, most fully ripened fruit is used in Polynesian Girl Wines.
  • Minimal Wine Making Techniques- By using only the minimum amount of additives to preserve the wine, it ensures that the wine you taste is the full expression of the terroir, varietal and vintage.


To our valued customers, I hope you will enjoy the pride, passion and love that goes into every bottle of outstanding wine we produce at POLYNESIAN GIRL WINES!